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tomorrow is the reckoning

3 UCLA players in the first round, remarkable result.

I hope Zach LaVine develops his game with his remarkable athleticism and instinct for the game. Jordan Adams will play a great role as a specialist scorer, maybe future 6th man role? Kyle Anderson will be a steal for the Spurs, great team player whose versatility is underrated imo.

World Cup, Spurs vs Heat, all during finals; that’s just cruel. 

Have you nothing to say in your defense?

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May 9

community canceled :(

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We’ve come a long way … and we have much farther to go

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#meera probably dreads every day because it could be jojen’s last  #and what the hell does she do after she loses her little brother  #nothing in the world could prepare her for that  #god don’t look at me (via khalstyles)

This has always been something at the back of my mind, as opposed to something well thought out, but especially with the amazing scene of Jojen’s visions in last week’s episode, I’ve been thinking a bit about Jojen’s vision of his own death and what that means for him.

There aren’t many things more fundamental to human nature than our mortality and our understanding of it - realizing and getting over the fact of one’s inevitable death is a big stage of childhood development. And the uncertainty of it all shapes our lives profoundly, the way we understand risk and danger, the way we process fear, etc. Imagine growing up knowing when and how you’re going to die - not just a vague geas as in the case of classic doomed heroes, but a vivid vision that allows you to draw inferences about how old you’ll be, where you’ll be, etc.

In a sense, Jojen Reed is beyond humanity. 

No wonder the Little Grandfather is without fear, no wonder that he’s old beyond his years. The fact that he can know what he knows and not go mad makes him a hell of a lot more impressive than Bloodraven and Melisandre put together. 

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You can tell Putin’s newly-single, cause he’s been working on his pick-up lines.

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